Sweet Thief: 9 Beauty Products to Steal from Your Boyfriend

On the off chance that your accomplice is in any way similar to mine – he has loads of astonishing magnificence items – you can spare some money and take a portion of those treats without feeling remorseful. Couples tend to part the expense and offer all that they have, from home and vehicle to nourishment and pets. Be that as it may, they once in a while, if at all think about sharing their magnificence items, aside from men’s razors. In any case, it’s by all account not the only thing you can take from him. Regardless of whether you let him know or you trust he’ll never know, here are those items to take from your accomplice:

Face chemical

Who said young ladies and folks can’t utilize a similar face chemical? In case you’re coming up short all over chemical and you’re nearly down and out, take your sweetheart’s face wash. To begin with, he’ll never see that. Second, in the event that he’ll see, he wouldn’t fret. All things considered, it’s difficult to go a week or so without purifying your face, would it say it isn’t?

Zit cream

In the event that both of you have skin issues like breakouts, clogged pores and whiteheads, you can utilize one zit cream together. Men’s skin inflammation isn’t that not quite the same as women’s, so why spend huge amounts of cash on two separate zit creams when you can utilize just one? Who knows, perhaps his zit cream will enable you to oust those pimples quicker than yours?

Hair items

From cleanser to hair putty, you can take any of his hair items you need at this moment. While indeed, the aroma of his cleanser is, well, somewhat masculine, however what difference does it make? You won’t smell for long. In addition, in the event that you use hair wax or mousse, that “masculine” fragrance will rapidly vanish. It’s smarter to utilize his cleanser than go with oily hair throughout the day.

Shaving cream

Numerous young ladies are blameworthy of utilizing their sweethearts’ shaving creams. Be that as it may, I chose to remind you. In the event that something goes wrong. While most magnificence specialists don’t suggest utilizing men’s shaving creams, I have another sentiment. Ladies’ shaving creams are made for legs, which means they do contain some brutal fixings. Men’s shaving creams, unexpectedly, are made for a face, which means they are much milder and gentler for your lovely legs than your normal shaving gel. What’s your decision?

Lip emollient

My person has a delicate lips so he can’t leave home without getting one of his fav lip salves (that’s right, he has bunches of them.) When I’m too lethargic to even think about buying some lip analgesic for myself (or I simply would prefer not to spend my well deserved bucks) I take it from my boo. In the event that you have dried out, dry lips and need a really saturating lip medicine, pick your beau’s one to get a moment alleviation.

Facial hair oil

In the event that your beau has a facial hair and utilizations a brilliant whiskers oil, I have uplifting news for you. You can spare a bit on your hair oil by utilizing his facial hair oil once per week. He won’t see it, however your locks will be progressively delectable, sparkling and sound than at any other time. Maybe, you’ve never thought of it, out it an attempt while your person is spending time with his companions. You will love it!

Body wash

While scrubbing down you all of a sudden discover your body wash is nearly done, what to do? No stresses. Get your sweetheart’s body wash and make the most of his smell throughout the day. It’s a smart thought for ladies who have long-far off connections.


These days there are a lot of men’s aromas that smell incredible, or surprisingly better, on ladies. Extend your scent decisions by utilizing your sweetheart’s cologne now and again. In the event that you wear it accurately, you won’t smell like a person, don’t stress. Your boo may not see that you wear his fav scent. Prepared to pull a prank on him?


At last, you can likewise take an antiperspirant from him. Ladies’ antiperspirants are misrepresented, overrated and less viable than men’s antiperspirants. In addition, most ladies’ antiperspirants have awful fragrances, particularly when you get sweat-soaked. Taking your person’s antiperspirant is a success win arrangement!

We as a whole do it! Men take our magnificence treats while we take theirs. There’s nothing incorrectly in it. You may finish up discovering something better without burning through cash on new items that accomplish more damage than anything else. All things considered, women, would you say you are prepared to be straightforward at this moment? What excellence items have you previously stolen from your man?

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